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"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."-Matthew 5:9

Going through a crisis can result in detrimental long-term effects on each of us as first responders. As we venture into a rebellious nation, we may no longer be filled with peace, but with fear, stress, anxiety, even anger. We ourselves may become rebellious. Our relationships with our families, our communities and even within ourselves become strained. In the wake of it all, we discover that we've just become officers, and there is a missing "peace." Sometimes, crisis responders need crisis intervention themselves.

12i is dedicated to helping law enforcement officers do three things: Discover Peace, Identify Purpose, & Pursue Progress. It is our strong belief that peace-filled officers are healthier officers who can raise healthier families, and serve healthier communities. There is a ripple effect.

Just as Jesus poured into his 12 disciples and sent them out into the world, it is the mission of 12i to pour into the lives of peace officers, and send them out into the world as healthier and stronger men and women.


how can we do it?

  • Provide ministry support, encouragement and inspiration to Peace Officers

  • Facilitate discussions and create awareness about the challenges of broken policing through digital technology; website, social media, blogs, written publications, video and speaking events

  • Provide training for law enforcement personnel on various topics that impact the profession and society as a whole

  • Develop programs and outreaches that promote physical, mental and spiritual health for LEO'S