Pet of the Week: 2024 pets

Pet of the Week is a weekly feature that highlights a pet available for adoption from D.C.鈥檚 Humane Rescue Alliance.

Take a look back at the聽pets of 2023.

Meet Gumbo!

Looking for the sweetest young gentleman to join your family? Look no further! Gumbo is the perfect blend of couch potato and park enthusiast. Whether you’re relaxing at home or enjoying a day out, Gumbo’s energy will match yours perfectly. This mild-mannered, lovable dog is adaptable and could fit into a variety of homes.

Plus, with a name like Gumbo, you know he’s food motivated! Use that to your advantage when teaching him new tricks鈥攈e already knows “sit” and “stay.”

Ready to meet your new best friend? Visit to learn more and set up a meet and greet.

Meet Miss Nancy!

She’s a chill miss who loves to cuddle and give kisses. Miss Nancy is a joy to walk. She loves to sniff, and rolling in the grass makes her so happy. Miss Nancy greets people like they’re her very best friends. You should see her happy tail when she says, “Howdy 鈥 it’s precious.” And if you’re looking for a road trip buddy, Miss Nancy is ready for a car ride any day.

Miss Nancy is also a champion napper and snoozing on the sofa is one of her specialties. She gets along well with other dogs and lives with another dog right now in her foster home.

Learn more about marvelous Miss Nancy at .

Meet Lolita!

This lovable 4-year-old pup is looking for her forever home. Lolita is the perfect mix of playful and snuggly. She loves playing catch, rolling in the grass, and getting all the belly rubs she can!

Her foster mom said Lolita is very affectionate. She enjoys fun walks and active playtime, but she’s also a pro at cuddling up on the couch for a cozy nap.

Lolita is super friendly and would thrive in a home with older children who can keep up with her affectionate nature. She might be a bit too enthusiastic with kisses for the little ones.

Are you ready to welcome this sweet girl into your home? Learn more about Lolita at .

Meet Carter!

This energetic young buckaroo is ready to learn and grow alongside a caring family. Saddle up, partner, and get ready for rootin’, tootin’ adoptable Carter to lasso your heart!

Carter is as friendly as a seasoned ranch hand around a crackling campfire, always eager to mingle with folks and share a tall tail or two. This cowboy cupid’s capacity for love and toys is as vast as the open range. He seems fine around other dogs, but slow introductions are always a good thing.

Looking to giddy up with a loyal canine companion by your side? Learn more about Carter at聽.

Meet Errol!

This handsome fellow鈥檚 journey is nothing short of inspiring. He was in rough shape when he was discovered as a stray earlier this year. He was so skinny you could count his ribs. Errol has made an incredible recovery thanks to his caring foster family.

Errol is a chill dude who鈥檚 equally content playing fetch as he is enjoying a peaceful nap or gnawing on a bone. But don’t let his laid-back demeanor fool you 鈥 this pup’s got brains to match! Errol’s already mastered a slew of commands and is eager to learn more.

Looking for a loyal companion who’s as clever as he is cuddly? Errol might just be your perfect match! To learn more about him, visit .

Meet Appollo!

Appollo is our sweet prince! He’s a friendly guy, who wags his tail at strangers and leans into pets. He loves meeting other dogs too!

Appollo recently became a “Volunteer Favorite” at Humane Rescue Alliance. One of the volunteers said, “With his adorable puppy eyes and mischievous spirit, Appollo is the ultimate partner-in-fun, making every moment together a delightful adventure. I love going on walks with Appollo.”

This young guy has so much love to give. He just wants to be a part of a happy family, and we can’t wait for him to find his people. To learn more about adopting Appollo, visit .

Meet Spark!

This delightful pup is just waiting to bring some sparkle into your life. He found himself at the shelter due to circumstances beyond his control, but he’s ready to embark on a new journey with a loving family. Spark greets people with a wiggly body and a wagging tail, eager to make new friends. With a curious nose always at work, Spark enjoys sniffing around and exploring his surroundings.

While Spark thrives in the company of people, he’s not quite suited for households with small animals. His excitement can sometimes get the better of him around cats and other tiny pets. However, for those seeking a devoted canine companion to brighten their days, Spark might just be the perfect match.

To learn more about him, visit .

Meet Ali!

Ali is an absolute gem! Want to spend a lazy day cuddling on the couch? He’s got you! Up for an adventure? He’s ready to go! Want someone to adore you forever and give you lots of kisses? This is your guy!

Ali is a sweet boy who enjoys sniffy walks, hearty meals, looking out the window, and getting all of the pets. He knows ‘sit’ and reports to his crate for meals and treats. He’s excited to show off his skills and learn more!

Ali is looking for a furever home where he can live out his dreams of being an oversized lap dog.

To learn more about this handsome hunk, visit聽.

Meet Cider!

Sweet Cider is a certified lovebug who likes to cuddle and give sloppy kisses. She is an expert napper and is great in her crate. She likes her crate so much she will sometimes go inside her own just to nap.

Cider also has a playful,聽goofy聽side. She鈥檚 a joy to watch when she runs around and gets the zoomies. Going for a walk with Cider is a pleasure. She walks well on leash and enjoys sniffing around.

Cider is a gentle and easygoing dog. She聽gets anxious around other dogs so she would do best as the only dog in her new home. She would thrive with a patient family who can give her lots of love, treats and belly rubs.

Learn more about how to adopt Cider by visiting聽.

Meet Jada!

Eleven-year-old Jada may be tiny, but she’s bursting with life! This spirited senior loves to play, be outside and go for walks. She can give any young pup a run for their money.

Jada is also a certified couch potato. She’ll happily snuggle up right next to you, or even on your lap, content just to be by your side.

Despite a recent surgery for bladder stones, Jada has bounced back quickly and is now on a prescription urinary diet to prevent any future issues. Otherwise, this beautiful girl is in fantastic health and ready to be your new family member!

Are you surprised to find a petite pooch like Jada in our shelter? Don’t be! Dogs of all sizes find their way to the Humane Rescue Alliance, and Jada is proof that big hearts can come in small packages.

If you’re looking for a pint-sized pup, look no further. Come meet Jada today! Learn more at.

Meet Gala!

Gala is a gentle girl in need of reassurance and kindness. She is so SWEET, but her confidence is hiding. Gala was a stray dog, so we don’t know her backstory. Everyone at the Humane Rescue Alliance has been fussing over her, and we are winning her heart with yummy treats and gentle conversation. She would love a home with a family that will help her blossom!

And speaking of “blossoming,” a volunteer who recently took Gala out of the shelter for a morning adventure said, 鈥淲hile the shelter makes her nervous, the moment you get away from the hubbub, she’s a different dog. She鈥檚 adventurous (hello, car rides!), loves to sniff, finds perfect sticks and asks for belly scratches. She could use a home that will show her the world isn’t so scary and give her a safe place to come out of her shell.鈥

To learn more about Gala and how to add her to your family, visit .

Meet Abby!

Prepare to fall head over heels for 8-year-old Abby. She may be a senior pup, but she’s full of life and ready to embark on a new adventure with a loving family.

Her foster parents said she’s smart, affectionate and the perfect example of a Velcro dog. She’s mastered “sit” and “down” and even learned how to use a doggy door!

She also gets along well with other dogs, but seems to be more interested in companionship than a playmate.

Abby’s ideal home is one filled with warmth, daily walks and an abundance of snuggles. Could it be with you?

To learn more about Abby and how to add her to your family, visit .

Meet Egg Drop!

Egg Drop found herself at the Humane Rescue Alliance through no fault of her own. The transition was tough on Egg Drop, but her confidence is growing daily in her foster home, and she鈥檚 now a curious pup who’s seeking attention and love.

Whether you’re working from home or enjoying a quiet evening in, you can count on Egg Drop to be right by your side. She walks nicely on her leash and makes a great running companion. She gets along well with people and other dogs, making her a great fit for a variety of households. She doesn鈥檛 bark, but we hear she likes to make funny sounds when she鈥檚 about to get a treat.

Egg Drop is searching for adopters who understand good things take time. She’ll thrive in an environment where she can adjust at her own pace. Delicious treats, gentle guidance, and plenty of cuddles are the way to her heart.

To learn more about Egg Drop and how to add her to your family, visit .

Meet Arturo!

One-year-old Arturo is a social butterfly. He has a solid track record of living harmoniously with both adults and children, loves going on walks and having fun. Though he may benefit from a touch of training, Arturo is a quick learner and eager to please. He鈥檚 already mastered commands like sit and leave it, and he’s excited to learn more.

At a recent adoption event, Arturo charmed everyone with his patience and gentle nature. He greeted people of all ages 鈥 including babies and other dogs 鈥 with gentle love and kindness. With his friendly and goofy nature, Arturo is the epitome of the perfect family dog: ready to bring endless joy and love into your home.

If you’re ready for a loving companion who’s eager to be a part of your family, consider adopting Arturo today! Learn more: .

Meet Kay!

Kay is a deeply affectionate pup who will follow you to the ends of the earth. He’s such a snugglebug! He loves to curl up on the couch next to his foster parents while they’re reading, watching TV or just hanging out. He also enjoys an active lifestyle and is a fantastic runner. With his limitless energy, he鈥檚 sure to keep you on your toes and motivated to explore the great outdoors. Kay prefers to be the only pet in his home, where he can enjoy all the attention and love to himself.

If you鈥檙e ready to welcome a devoted companion into your home, Kay is waiting to meet you! Learn more at .

Million is a senior pup who’s had a rough start but has so much love to give.

We found Million tied to a fence, but his sweet demeanor shines through despite his sad past. All of us at the Humane Rescue Alliance have been fussing over him and showing him how much we care. This charming guy is a slow mover who asks for little but deserves the world.

Recently described by a volunteer as a “gentle giant,” Million longs for a loving home where he can be treated like family. If you’re someone who cherishes senior pups, consider opening your heart and home to Million.

Visit and discover why Million is the perfect addition to your family!

Meet Nyle!

Nyle has a passion for cuddling, and he doesn鈥檛 quite understand the concept of personal space. Who needs it when there are laps to snuggle into?

This aspiring lapdog is also a social butterfly who adores people and other dogs. He can’t resist making friends with other pups, although he’s still learning that not every pup shares his enthusiasm for constant companionship.

Eager to please, Nyle responds well to basic commands like sit, lay down, and come 鈥 always striving to earn the title of “Good boy!” His energy level makes him the perfect playmate for a game of fetch or a long walk before settling in for a well-deserved snooze on the couch.

Curious to learn more about Nyle? Visit聽and discover why he’s the perfect addition to your family!

Meet Watt!

Watt is a sweet and handsome dog who just wants to be loved.

He is a master at winning over hearts with his endearing personality. He’s a diligent learner who always aims to please his foster parents. With a bit of patience and love, Watt is sure to excel in learning even more tricks and commands.

Watt is an active pup who adores his walks. When it’s time to unwind, he’s a pro at cozying up on the couch, especially if there’s a soft blanket involved!

He’s been introduced to other dogs and has shown fantastic social skills, making him a great candidate for a multi-pet household. With his gentle nature, Watt is likely to be a perfect match for kids, too. As for cats, he’s a pro at giving them their space, showing he’s a true gentleman.

Think Watt is the dog for you? Meet, greet and go home with him today by visiting .

Meet Skye! There are just a few things you need to know about 5-year-old Skye:

1. She鈥檚 great with adults AND children and would make a wonderful family dog.

2. She LOVES snuggling and giving kisses.

3. Her coat is soft like velvet.

4. She has a lot of pep in her step! If you’re looking for a walking or running partner, she’s your girl.

To meet, greet and go home with Skye, visit .

Meet OG!

If you like cuddling with dogs, then OG is the guy for you. All he wants in life is to curl up in your lap (his size doesn’t matter 鈥 he will find a way!). His foster parent says he鈥檚 also a polite houseguest and good at apartment living. At 1 years old, he still has some puppy energy, but he鈥檚 quickly learned basic commands like 鈥渟it and 鈥渟tay,鈥 and he鈥檚 already crate and house trained. We鈥檇 love to help him find a new home where he can enjoy all his favorite things: walks, scratches behind his ears, treats, and snuggles on the couch. Is OG the loyal companion you鈥檝e been looking for? To learn more, visit .

Meet Acorn!

Everyone can’t stop raving about what a sweetheart Acorn is. Despite being really underweight when we found him outside alone on a cold day, Acorn is sweet, loving, and resilient. He’s now adjusting well in a foster home with a canine friend, where he鈥檚 showing off his smarts by mastering the house rules. Acorn is a good boy who knows “sit,” walks nicely on a leash, plays independently with toys, and sleeps soundly in a crate. He’s a medium-energy dog who’d be a great walking partner for you.

If you’re seeking a dog with a heart of gold who loves to cuddle and give kisses, you鈥檙e going to want to meet Acorn! To learn more, visit .

Meet Wade!

Wade has an adorable face and he really wants a lap to put it in. He鈥檚 a big-hearted dog who is happiest when around people. Wade is young and he has bursts of energy, so he loves walks and playtime to burn it off. He loves short play breaks during the day to chase a ball outside and flop around in the grass.

Wade is eager to please, adores attention, and is a treat enthusiast, making training a breeze 鈥 this smart boy already knows 鈥渟it,鈥 鈥渟tay鈥 and 鈥渃ome.鈥

Wade would do well with a lot of continued mental and physical enrichment and training. Ready to welcome Wade into your home? Learn more at .

Meet Wiz!

He鈥檚 a lively and wonderful senior pup who enjoys spending his time playing with tennis balls, napping and getting belly rubs from his foster family. At 9 years old, Wiz is well past his puppy days, but still energetic and playful. Wiz would prefer to live out his golden years in a quiet home with no children or other pets.

To learn more about Wiz, visit .

Meet Luna!

Luna is a snuggle enthusiast who can turn any ordinary day into a cozy cuddle fest. When it comes to playtime, she is over the moon for squeaky toys and loves to play fetch. Luna also has great manners. She walks well on a leash and greets other dogs and people with curiosity (and without jumping!). Her foster mom says Luna is “a lot of fun, very sweet and a joy to be around. She鈥檒l make someone very happy!”

Want to kick off the new year with a new best friend? Come meet Luna today! Visit to learn more.

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